Connects talent to opportunity

Supported Employment

Employment Specialists spend time with team members who are looking for jobs in the community.  They work to discover a team member’s unique skill set and personal interests in order to help find the best possible placement, paying at least minimum wage. They supply ongoing assistance to employees as they navigate the workplace, helping them succeed and grow in their jobs.  Specialists also work with employers to help them with any accommodations they may need to make to assist the employee in success.

 Commercial Operations

 Zoom Group provides employment training in commercial settings where team members learn to navigate the workplace, develop good work habits, work to improve their skills and productivity in order to ultimately move into competitive employment.  This program gives team members a sense of accomplishment, adds meaning to each day, builds natural support networks and provides many of our team members their first paycheck. 

 Commercial Operations at UPS

 Our largest commercial program is located within UPS’s Supply Chain Services Division. Zoom Group team members work in a staffing agency environment to provide various services to UPS customers in several locations.  

 Commercial Operations at Veteran’s Hospital

 Located at the Robley Rex Medical Center on Zorn Ave in Louisville, KY, team members work with moderate support to operate the commercial laundry, and perform janitorial and ground maintenance services for the hospital.