Volunteer Opportunities

At Zoom Group, we engage the Louisville Metro community as partners in our mission of empowerment, education, and employment of adults with developmental disabilities by providing opportunities for volunteers to meet, develop relationships, and provide our team members with natural supports. These opportunities can be continuous or one-time events where you will make friends, develop your skills, and see the impact of your work helping others. As a volunteer, you will never be asked to work with team members’ medical paperwork or provide them with personal care (transportation, toilet assistance, etc.)

More information about the available positions at our different programs is below. Please read the descriptions and check the ones that interest you when you complete and submit our volunteer application here. Volunteers who wish to work in direct contact with our team members on a regular basis at Zoom Group locations will also be asked to submit a criminal background check, drug screen, and Tuberculosis exam at no cost to them after their volunteer application is accepted.

Interested companies and executives may also inquire about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) training opportunities or board positions by inquiring directly with Brittany Wilkins, at bwilkins@zoomgroup.org.



Volunteers at StudioWorks play an integral role in bringing the local community to our artists by helping them with various tasks and welcoming local patrons to the gallery; they also help build the artists’ community involvement outside the studio by connecting them with local businesses and other artists.

Volunteers work in a casual setting on the corner of Bardstown Road and Eastern Parkway where jeans or work casual clothes are suggested and art, business, and social media skills are appreciated. Our artists are friendly and quickly get to know our volunteers by name!

For more information about StudioWorks, follow us on Facebook.

Artist’s apprentice – Talk to artists, assist them in finding project inspiration (via computer and library), help gather materials, and ensure they clean their space in advance of their individual departure time. Will also keep gallery, materials spaces, and backroom organized. Criminal background check, Tuberculosis test, and drug screen required. (Anytime 9 AM – 3 PM, M-F)

Gallery assistant – Select, frame, and stage/post artists’ work in the gallery and in the front window display. Some artistic or gallery-based experience preferred. (1x/month, anytime 9 AM – 3 PM, M-F)

Post Master – Retrieves list of donor and volunteer birthdays each month, chooses and prints reproductions of artists’ work on cards, and mails them. (1x/month, anytime 9 AM – 3 PM, M-F)

Social media assistant – Work with Zoom Group’s staff to photograph artwork, catalogue artists’ work online, and post about sales and upcoming events. May also help manage artist’s administrative art files on StudioWorks’ computers. (1x/week, anytime 9 AM – 3 PM, M-F in person. Some tasks may be performed from other locations.)

Sales assistant – Welcome patrons and work with local businesses and galleries to sell artists’ pieces within the local community. May also help plan quarterly gallery show openings and be responsible for managing cash register during event. Some sales or community leadership experience preferred. (Times vary)

Visiting artists – Local artists come to StudioWorks to present their own work and/or hold a workshop to teach the artists a new technique. They also plan events and activities that increase Zoom Group recognition and artist activity within the local community. This could include – but is not limited to – organizing weekly Meet An Artist coffee mornings at StudioWorks or helping local schools, nursing homes, and organizations invite artists to host an art presentation or workshop at their location. For this position, a criminal background check, Tuberculosis test, and drug screen are required.

Commercial Operations

Zoom Group runs Commercial Operations at the VA Hospital and Laundry facilities, as well as multiple UPS packaging units around town, because studies show that individuals who work are happier, healthier, and less lonely than those who don’t. At these locations, we need:

Warehouse mentor – Help team members learn to navigate the workplace and meet their personal and professional goals as they strive to eventually enter the competitive employment market.

Are you up for the unique challenge of volunteering in a warehouse? Volunteers who are age 19 and older work in a casual setting where jeans are suggested and management and teamwork skills are appreciated. Our members are friendly and quickly get to know our volunteers by name!

Our VA and UPS opportunities are available for volunteers who are willing to commit 4-10 hours per month anytime between 7 AM and 2 PM, Monday-Friday. Criminal background check, Tuberculosis test, and drug screen required.

Employment Services

Team members who are a fit for competitive employment work with our employment services team to find jobs, set and achieve goals, and progress in their careers. Employment services volunteers of at least 19 years in age are always needed to provide training and mentorship throughout the workweek and weekends on a flexible timing basis. Possible opportunities include:

Training specialist – Help the Zoom Group office organize and manage professional development training sessions and job fairs for our team members

Criminal background check, Tuberculosis test, and drug screen required.

Day Programs

Zoom Group Day Programs are designed to help individuals requiring significant support to spend their days with meaning. Volunteers provide opportunities to pursue vocational interests, participate in recreational activities, learn daily living skills, and enhance his or her communication skills and serve as natural supports. Natural supports are ordinary social relationships at work and in the community that allow our team members to direct their own lives and choose the type and amount of assistance they want to receive.

While our day programs are held in residential-style settings, volunteers of any age are also always needed to serve as a:

Mentor – Develop relationships with our team members. Play games, eat lunch, organize physical activities, watch movies, etc.

Community guide – Help staff escort team members on trips to local cafes, museums, shopping, etc. Commit to us once a month all the way to once a week and we’ll make sure you have some fun!

Our day programs are located off Frankfort Avenue and S. Hurstbourne Lane and accept volunteers available any time Monday to Friday between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M.

Other Opportunities

Zoom Group offers volunteers various other ways to get involved. Serve on our Board of Directors, help out at one-time member socials and events, or organize a teambuilding volunteer session with us through your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility office. If you’d like to get involved but are unsure of how you can contribute, submit the online volunteer application and we’ll find the right position for you!