Image of two individuals in a warehouse setting. One looks on at the other sorting through some paper.
Image of an individual scooping ice out of a ice refrigerator. They are wearing a Starbucks apron and hat with a striped t-shirt. They are in a kitchen area.
image of an individual smiling and laughing, looking in the direction of the camera. They are in an art studio setting, with paper and pencil on a table in front of them.
Image of an individual using a leaf blower with their back to the camera. They are outside surround by fall leaves.


Imagine a world in which people of all abilities are empowered to pursue their passions.


Empower, educate and employ people of all abilities.


Zoom Group employees are committed to approaching each team member, fellow staff member, and community member with the following values in mind:


Integrity forms the foundation of our organization. It means doing what is right and loving what is right. Each member of our community will act with honesty, and each action will be consistent with our mission and values. When we act as an organization, we will ask, “Is this consistent with our mission and values?”


Professionalism means that we will follow ethical standards for our interpersonal interactions, rather than acting based on personal feelings or motives. Our interpersonal interactions will be based upon what is best for the team member, the organization, and the wider community. We will look for the best in everyone, including ourselves. We will expect the best of everyone, including ourselves.


Respect means treating others as we would like to be treated if we were in their shoes. Everyone we interact with is an equally valuable community member. We commit to valuing each individual’s opinions, beliefs, and personal boundaries.


Humility is the recognition that you are no more and no less valuable than any other member of the community. Approaching other people with humility encourages open communication. Humility is necessary to be a good listener. We believe that everyone in the Zoom Group community has something to teach, as well as something to learn.


Kindness means acting with a considerate nature. Kindness requires empathy – striving to understand and feel the concerns, the happiness and the sadness, and the hopes of the people with whom we interact. Our speech and our conduct will be seasoned with kindness.


Joy is positive energy and happiness. Each interpersonal interaction is an opportunity to be a source of joy. Joy inspires optimism. Joy also inspires creativity. And a little sense of humor goes a long way.


Creativity means we are willing and able to look at things in new ways or from a different perspective. We approach each day with a creative spirit, and use our unique talents, gifts, and abilities to generate innovative and useful solutions to any challenge we encounter.