Connects community through creativity

Zoom Group’s highly reputable art studio, located in the Highlands, strives to inspire and liberate the human spirit, enhance one’s quality of life, and strengthen communities through the arts. StudioWorks is a creative and inclusive atmosphere in which artists with and without disabilities thrive. The studio flourishes with the achievement of each artist and accomplishes this by focusing on the ability of artists to deepen their talents, change perceptions, raise awareness, and beautify our communities through outstanding works of art.




This month's featureD artist IS chimel

Meet Chimel. He is this month's StudioWorks Shop featured artist. Here's how he describes his art:

'Creating art makes me feel good about myself and brings out my ideas. My art is unique because of its detail and the bright colors stand out on canvas. Looking at bright colors is exciting for me. Every painting makes me feel like I am becoming a better artist. Andy Warhol is my inspiration. The way he creates details and uses color inspires my art...'