Bobby Barbour,  Ideation Integrator

Sandy Bealmear, Site Manager - UPS Qiagen

Elizabeth Ward, Site Coordinator - UPS 1860

Mark Buzzutto, Site Manager - UPS 1860

Shannon Carter, Site Manager - UPS Building 6

Shep Ebendorf, Machine Operator - VA Laundry

Harlena French, Site Manager - UPS Brooks

Anna Giangrande, Site Coordinator - StudioWorks

Andrew Hardin, Site Coordinator - StudioWorks

Iesha Winstead, Site Coordinator - LifeWorks East

Stacey Isen, Supervisor - VA Grounds & Janitorial

Amanda Johnson, Lead Worker - VA Laundry

Ashley Jolly, Site Manager - UPS K12 Elizabethtown

Brittany Jones, Supervisor - VA Laundry

Kat Stottmann, Retail Specialist - StudioWorks

Trish Kinder, Accounting Specialist

Katy Delahanty, Supported Employment Team

Debra McWain, Quality Assurance Specialist

Ethan Osman, Site Coordinator - StudioWorks

Veronica Ponzi, Site Manager - UPS Building 4

Charlotte Sanders, Site Manager - UPS Taylor Communications

Susie Sherrard, Site Coordinator - StudioWorks

Tera Walker, Site Manager - UPS Building 1

Mona Wilkerson, Community Outreach & Resource Development

Deborah Zimlich, Retail Specialist - StudioWorks

Kristen Ramsey, Site Coordinator - LifeWorks in the Highlands

Brittany Wise, Site Coordinator - LifeWorks in the Highlands

Teresa Brewer, Site Coordinator - UPS

Mike Kane, Site Manager - UPS Multi Client

Morgan Poole, UPS - Floater

Anne Wood, Site Coordinator - LifeWorks East

Omiera Jackson, Site Coordinator - LifeWorks East

Olivia Cady, Site Coordinator - LifeWorks East