Zoom Group has been providing supports for individuals with disabilities for over 30 years. Zoom Group’s mission is to EMPOWER, EDUCATE, AND EMPLOY people of all abilities.

Our Inspiration

In 1952, concerned advocates for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities founded The Council on Developmental Disabilities. The Council, which still exists today, along with Seven County Services in 1986, established Louisville Diversified Services, known today as Zoom Group.

Zoom Group was created to provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities to work and engage socially in their community.

The need, recognized by a large number of students graduating from high school, finding themselves without the chance to continue community-based activities, employment or other programs, was the inspiration.

From this inspiration, Zoom Group, incorporated and formed several small based activity programs, while concurrently developing employment opportunities to provide vocational training and employment. Job placement and coaching services naturally followed. Today, Zoom Group is thriving, providing supports for nearly 250 individuals through its many programs.